WM Helping Hands

A Ministry of Helps for All Ladies

The WM’s guiding scripture is Ecc. 9:10; Whatsoever your hands find to do, do with all your might.

With meetings every Tuesday, this group uses their time to seek the Lord, fellowship with one another, and serve His people through various outreach ministries;

  • Visitation to shut-ins, those in rehabilitation and the hospital as well as those who are homebound. Jesus said, ‘I was sick & you visited me.’
  • Prayer station at a nearby shopping center.  Knowing our neighborhood is filled with hurting people, these ladies make themselves available to pray with those in need.
  • Holding services with singing and praising the Lord, testifying of His goodness and love, while taking the time to share His love with those who are residents at a nearby healthcare facility.
  • Preparation of meals for funerals and for families of those who have lost a loved one.
  • Thanksgiving dinner is prepared for families that are separated from their families during this holiday.
  • Crafts for residents of nearby nursing homes as the need arises.
  • Gathering together for a special luncheon and fellowship at their Joy Fellowship.  These ladies make friends that last a life time.
  • Prayer Chain Ministry; seeking the Lord on behalf of those who have asked for prayer.

While always being willing to serve others as unto the Lord, this group is always looking for additional ways to help others in need.  Currently, they are looking to find avenues to assist those in need of housekeeping during illnesses.  Look for more information as this aspect of their ministry unfolds.

If you love serving others, this is a group you will want to link arms with.  These ladies love the Lord and are eager to reach the lost and serve others.  Visit the Events Calendar to join them in ministry opportunities.

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